Friday, February 26, 2016

Terran vs Protoss StarCraft 2 Legacy of the Void - Terran Bio with drops

Here is a Terran vs Protoss game in Legacy of the Void. This play is a platinum level play. Terran goes for a bio push with a set of 4 medivacs with marine and maruader. And Protoss plays a passive 3 base play with gateway units, an immortal and high templar. Terran shows the power of drops in this game by utilizing the protoss's greedy play after a lack luster oracle attempt. With stem and +1 attack the probes and nexuses don't stand a chance against the Terran drop force.

Terran build order:
1 depot, command center, 1 barracks, additional depot, 2 more barracks, 2 refineries. Make marines, and then get stem as soon as you have the gas. Get an engineering bay after 3mins when you have minerals, built turrets in your mineral lines one that completes. After stem has started and you have attachments on your other barracks get a factory, +1 attack. Once the factory gets closer to completing get 2 more refineries for producing medivacs 2 at a time and getting the remaining upgrades. Make a third command center once your mules bring you to 400minerals.  Once you have medivacs start applying pressure and dropping until the game ends.

Friday, February 19, 2016

NXL Virginia Beach Open Aggressive Paintball Breakout

We’re not going to send anyone out wide. It didn’t work well with our main play, or the adjustment we made to that play. So we’re going to keep everyone going short with guns up to try and pull an advantage as quick as possible off the break by hopefully getting a kill otb, and also by keeping our 5 guys alive through the breakout. Because they’re most likely going to shoot their lanes wide because they know we’re down points, and we already tried sending people wide. So we’re not going to risk bodies out wide off the break. Instead we’re going to get a guy into the Dorito because it on the back row and it isn’t too hard to make. Send a guy to this aztec shooting for a corner runner to make sure they can’t get out to the tape. And then we have two double the back center hitting those solid lanes. 5th guy is going to sit in the open and edge the back center. He’s also shooting that open area like he’s standing in. Especially if the other teams been doing it.

Now what you’re probably thinking is, dude, this isn’t an aggressive play at all. Now, ha ha, that’s the illusion we want to give. This is just the setup stage. But before we get into that, let me explain this illusion we are trying to give.
Have you ever been on the field and you expect a team to push the snake because they’ve been doing it all day, and then you lane it and you don’t see anyone even come to your side because they pushed the Dorito side. And you’re like just alright…where did they go did they even come onto the field… Well that’s what we want to create, that confusion because we’re down points and we already went wide so they’re expecting us to do that because we need to try and play aggressive to win points.. So as for this setup stage. Now how can I explain this.
So Say we are drag racing. You have that setup stage where you heat your tires up, get into position, raise your rpms, then you launch. We’re doing pretty much the same thing here.

We’re trying to get those quick kills, get into positon, have our guns rolling, and then we launch. Now what’s happening is the guys going to go up to the X. Now we still have our guy in the open. This entire time, he’s been gaining and keeping dominance on this back center. So when our guy gets to the X, he can then wrap the X and take control of that dominance on the the back center. Now our guy in the open is going to let up off that, let his teammate control that guy for him. The guy in the aztec needs to determine who he needs to shoot at, depends on where they’re at. If he needs to shoot his mirror to clear this gap, he needs to do that.
Alright. So now our guy in the open has a better chance to make it through this gap and into the corner right away.

Now let’s take a minute to analyze our position. So now we have a guy in the X, and snake corner. So now we’re in a position most teams put themselves in. From this point, this looks just like an aggressive breakout most teams run. Except, we did something a little different to get us into this position.
Our setup was different:
  • Rather than just running our guys to this position off the break,
  • We attacked that back center more.
  • We made sure our guy could get into that snake corner alive.
  • Other teams wouldn’t have done this. They’d just risk a guy out to the corner otb.
  • And getting to that corner is so make it or break it. We have to get our guy out there alive. So we created a more effective way to get our guy out to the snake corner safetly.
  • Doing so, we haven’t risked bodies, so we should be 5 alive still.
  • And to boot, Maybe we shot someone on the break, hopefully, We at least created a great chance to. We doubled up the back center, had the guy gun in the Aztec gun up, and a guy edging. That’s 4 guns up making great shots that should be practiced. If the guy going to the Dorito can make it gun up that’s 5 guns.

Alright so we’ve done all this to get into this posititon, now what. This is the second part, and this is the part where most teams fail. You have to get people up the field. That’s the point of the aggressive play. Alright we want to launch our guys again. We’ve heated the tires up, got into position, raised the rpms, made our initial launch, but now we need to shift into second gear to launch this car again down the track more. We need to get this snake corner down the snake. We also need to get this dorito player down the doritos.

So we are going to have these two paintballers left in the backfield help launch these players. We can’t have them just sit in the backfield, hoping they can land a shot. It’s an aggressive play, we need to get down the field to shoot people. And these backfield guys they’re like the clutch in this shift. They need to disengage, and get out of their bunkers a little bit. Do what you need to do, to get your guys down the field. As you sit in your comfortable bunker, you’re just handing the other team the win. So disengage, move around to get shots on players, get dominance, help put players in, so your teammates can go in that next gear and get down the field. This guy in the aztec will most likely need to come out to get an angle on that snake corner if someone is there. Or move around to get better shots on the mini-races, aztec, etc. Same with this guy in the back center. He can come out here around the x and over the tall cake and shoot at the back center. Then his teammate puts in his mirror and goes up the doritos.

Through this entire process. The guy at the X should have taken over the dominance on the back center, helped his teammate get into that corner, held dominance on the back center while he he addresses the field, sees where players are. And then goes and gets as many people as he can off the field. At the bare minimum, he needs to trade out with someone. It creates some havoc up the middle, and that really helps free up guns or lanes for those back field clutches when they disengage, and for the rest of that 2nd gear push.

Now those players should have made their bumps into the next dorito and into the snake. If they didn’t make it alive, then the back players need to fill their position and continue that push.

But let’s say all 4 are alive because they should be, and the 2 should be pushing the tapes, and the 2 back field players need to continue to help them push up the field. The dorito side player is going to do this by attacking the center of the field. You want to spread the field and make players on the other team have to play both sides of their bunker to open up opportunities for either of the players on your side of the field to make bumps. So basically once the guy say he’s in the dorito, once he looks inside at the guy up in the center, the guy on the tape make his bump. If switches back to shoot at the tape, the guy in the center wraps and looks for kills and tries to bump further up the field. He goes and takes more people out. And you just keep working that side of the field like that.

The snake side, the guy in the aztec keeps shooting the snake or snake corner to get his teammate up the snake. Once his teammate is up the snake. He then goes up the middle either to the X or to these pillars and and tries to eliminate as many bodies as he can as quick as possible and let your teammates on the tapes finish the games out and pinch any remaining players out.

If you only had 3 players left, whoever was left would still do what they were doing if 4 were alive. That lone player on one side would just need to play more cautious, you don’t want to give them a completely open side. But he still need to play aggressive, but cautiously. Let your teammates break the game open. You need to also let your teammates know your by yourself over there, so they can try to make something happen before the other team realizes the situation and has a better chance to shut down any potential moves.

But yeah, that’s the aggressive play broken down. This is a nice little play that can be applied to many different layouts. So make sure to practice something like this in practice. It’s a great play to be able to pull out of your pocket and gain some quick effective points.