Friday, February 26, 2016

Terran vs Protoss StarCraft 2 Legacy of the Void - Terran Bio with drops

Here is a Terran vs Protoss game in Legacy of the Void. This play is a platinum level play. Terran goes for a bio push with a set of 4 medivacs with marine and maruader. And Protoss plays a passive 3 base play with gateway units, an immortal and high templar. Terran shows the power of drops in this game by utilizing the protoss's greedy play after a lack luster oracle attempt. With stem and +1 attack the probes and nexuses don't stand a chance against the Terran drop force.

Terran build order:
1 depot, command center, 1 barracks, additional depot, 2 more barracks, 2 refineries. Make marines, and then get stem as soon as you have the gas. Get an engineering bay after 3mins when you have minerals, built turrets in your mineral lines one that completes. After stem has started and you have attachments on your other barracks get a factory, +1 attack. Once the factory gets closer to completing get 2 more refineries for producing medivacs 2 at a time and getting the remaining upgrades. Make a third command center once your mules bring you to 400minerals.  Once you have medivacs start applying pressure and dropping until the game ends.

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